Jul 2020

Today, anyone who walks through a big city will attend a constant parade of silent electric motorcycles. The new mobility is gaining prominence and the result of this is that almost all brands already have some models and versions with electric batteries, in addition to the new brands that have recently emerged.

Its popularity began to take shape during the year 2019 and it is gradually consolidating. If the evolution of the way we move in large cities places special emphasis on non-polluting energies, the motorcycle has many points in its favor. Conventional motorcycles already have many points earned compared to the car, and electric motorcycles can add some more to benefit the evolution towards that sustainability.

At the moment, in this article we focus on motorcycles suitable for urban or inter-urban travel that are perfectly adapted to the autonomy of these vehicles.

Most electric battery powered mopeds have a range of approximately 30 to 100 kilometers. Depending on the type of commuting, this can range from a daily charge to a weekly charge. If we imagine that we use it to move to our workplace, whose distance is 3 km from home, we would be talking about 4 to 10 days of autonomy, approximately.

The loading time is a detail that must be considered, since we must have a little more patience regarding what we are used to, it is no longer enough to get to the gas station and fill the tank. Normally, it can take 4 to 8 hours for a full recharge, although many brands install batteries with whose fast charge in one hour already allows us to store 50% of capacity.

An alternative to take into account are the models whose battery is removable, which allows to avoid dead charging times. Delivery companies that have opted for these electric motorcycles usually have this type of model for obvious reasons.

If you are determined to buy one of these motorcycles, you must be especially careful with two safety details: One is its low noise level, which can give you some fright due to pedestrian or other driver missteps; and the other is its acceleration capacity, which has nothing to do with a conventional engine, but is much more immediate and gross, which is why motorcycles with larger engine capacities incorporate a traction control system.

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