• 24 Feb
    temporada 2022

    The powersports competitions of this 2022 season are starting! From NG, we take part this year too in most of them by bringing safe and premium braking experience to many teams from different classes and Championships, including the most important ones: Moto2, Moto3, WorldSBK, MX2 World Championship and more! NG Brake Disc will join again […]

  • 17 Sep
    Sensaciones en un circuito urbano

    Being a road race driver is like belonging to a special category, an Olympus that only a few dare to try but at the same time everyone would like to be part of.  Raül Torras, with the 49 on his fairing, is one of those crazy and brave riders that the adrenaline generated by participating […]

  • 23 Jun

    25 points seem a testimonial number, but it is more than that. This number represents a turning point in the history of motorcycling competition. It’s been difficult to have female references throughout the years, as it’s been by tradition, a man’s world; and it is the reason why the name of Taru Rinne is highlighted, […]

  • 20 May

    This year, the 2021 WorldSBK Championship will officially start next Sunday May 23th at Aragon Motorland Circuit (if there are no setbacks). In the 2021 WorldSBK Championship compete on race bikes. These bikes, compared to standard road models, have modifications in some parts such: engine, exhaust, suspension, brakes and others. The minimum weight is 168 […]

  • 24 Mar

    The 2021 MotoGP World Championship kicks off next Sunday, March the 28th, in its 3 categories: MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. The Qatar circuit marks the start of a calendar that we hope remains untouched until the end of the season and helps to increase the number of spectators if the pandemic situation allows it. There […]

  • 20 Jan

    The idea of a world championship for electric motorbikes began to take shape only a few years ago. Between 2017 and 2018, the seed of this new category began to be planted, with the aim of becoming the fourth category of the World Motorcycle Championship alongside MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, and who knows if MotoE […]

  • 26 Aug

    The world of racing motorcycles is based on feats. And if we talk about trial, there is a world-famous event with more than one hundred years of history that constitutes a monument. We are talking about the Scottish Six Days Trial. A modality that combines balance and resistance in equal parts. Where motorcyclists look more […]

  • 30 Jul

    In the world of enduro, with pilots trained in hard terrain and breakers, there is a competition that means hell. The Erzberg Rodeo is surely the most difficult and strenuous one-day event for those who like enduro competition. Every year (except this one, which has been suspended for reasons of force majeure) a large group […]

  • 08 Jul

    If there is no last minute impediment, the entire MotoGP circus is ready to resume the 2020 season with significant changes. It is evident that we are not referring to technical or pilot issues, but to the environment that surrounds this great event. Many variations in terms of infrastructure and public assistance that at least […]