• 21 Sep
    cambio disco de freno moto

    There are usually two reasons to replace the brake discs on your bike: either it’s done out of necessity, when they are too worn or there has been a problem; or they’re changed with the aim of improving the performance of the braking system of our motorbike. In both cases, many users consider the possibility […]

  • 07 Sep
    ruta moto

    One thing is clear to all two-wheeled enthusiasts: there’s nothing better than a good motorbike route, whether it’s ridden with friends, the family, as a couple or even alone. And if this route allows you to get to know new places, enjoy unforgettable landscapes and, in short, do some sightseeing, all the better! At NG […]

  • 10 Aug
    Películas moteras

    When we humans have a passion, we try to incorporate it into all aspects of our lives. That’s why, for example, two-wheel enthusiasts don’t just use their motorbikes for long journeys or weekend rides; they often try to make it their daily means of transport, regardless of the weather. And that’s why, along with riding, […]

  • 20 Jul
    rutas moto España

    We’ve recommended original destinations for this summer, perfect routes for spring and even trips… but the real moment of truth has arrived. I’m sure this is a conversation you’ve had more than once with your biker friends: what are the best motorbike routes in Spain? You know, the ones which everyone wants to do at […]

  • 20 Jul
    calor extremo web

    Extreme temperatures are never a good companion for a road trip, especially if it’s on two wheels. The tyres suffer more, different components can overheat, the rider’s comfort is reduced… And yet, summer is one of the best times to travel by motorbike, especially as, for many of us, it coincides with the holiday period. […]

  • 26 Jun
    Discos off road web

    NG BRAKES designs and produces brake discs for all types of motorbikes, mopeds, ATVs, UTVs, UXV QUADS and bicycles, among others, regardless of the terrain on which they’ll be used. Therefore, in our catalogue you can find specific discs for scooters, racing and high displacement motorbikes and, of course, for all types of off-road bikes. […]

  • 30 May
    Rutas verano

    The summer is getting closer, the temperature is climbing and plans are starting to climb out of the woodwork. This can only mean one thing: now is the time to plan our holidays. The sooner we do it, the more opportunities we’ll have of finding accommodation at a good price. If you’re thinking of taking […]

  • 24 May
    frenos moto ciudad

    When you think of impressive braking, your mind probably conjures up images of a racetrack. But in reality, brakes are just as important in top-level racing as they are in everyday life. This is especially true if we use a bike to get around town. Even if it’s an environment we know well, which we […]

  • 08 May
    Cambiar disco freno

    A good braking system, including quality brake discs, is important for safe riding and getting the most out of your bike. But it’s equally important to pay attention to their condition and maintenance. Contrary to what you might think, brake discs need to be replaced from time to time. Although they have a fairly long […]

  • 26 Apr
    Escapadas primavera moto

    Spring is always accompanied by an upturn in the weather. With that comes more plans and a greater desire to be outside. As the sun returns and the temperatures increase our best friend – the motorcycle – comes back into the picture. It’s the time to get back on the roads, to enjoying old haunts […]