• 24 Nov
    Augusto Fernández

    Competition, adrenaline, and the love of two wheels form the DNA of NG BRAKES. That’s why one of our key commitments is supporting the champions of today and tomorrow. Every year, we equip the motorcycles of dozens of riders across different disciplines and categories, becoming key companions across testing, practice and, of course, racing. 2022 […]

  • 28 Oct
    moto lluvia

    Rain can be motorcycling kryptonite. Not only because of how uncomfortable it is to ride on two wheels out in the open when it’s falling, but also because the danger increases considerably when the road is wet or damp. For this reason, it’s important to know your bike well and to activate your senses more […]

  • 26 Sep

    Driving (and braking) in the city is something that many drivers are not entirely comfortable with. The wide-open spaces and the relative tranquillity of the open road is often easier terrain to navigate. And if we’re talking about riding a motorbike… Things get more complicated. As is the case with cyclists, riders have to be […]

  • 16 Aug

    You have it all planned out: the destination, the packed luggage, the travel plan and even a list of those sights you don’t want to miss. But do you really have what you need for your summer road trip, and are you sure you’ve prepared your bike properly? Just like when you travel by car, […]

  • 04 Aug

    It’s a new month and a time of change. We at NG BRAKES start August with a new identity, including a new logo, name and much more. We are committed to maintaining our essence and constant commitment to innovation. But, as we’ve said before, we want to get much closer to you, the rider, regardless […]

  • 02 Aug

    Something big is coming and we don’t want you to miss it. Yes, we’re talking to you, a motorcycle aficionado, who rides every day, whether on long trips or just to have fun, on routes and curves that make the hair on your skin stand on end.   Freedom is part of your DNA, right? […]

  • 26 May
    Las nuevas motos eléctricas del 2022

    Sustainable mobility is the order of the day, and electric motorbikes are becoming increasingly popular in the market and on the roads every year. In today’s article we are going to talk about some of the best electric motorbikes of 2022 from our point of view. We will compare some aspects such as price, battery […]

  • 20 May
    kit básico de herramientas para moto

    The motorbike, as a means of transport, is an ideal partner that will take us wherever we want to go comfortably and as efficiently as possible. However, like any other means of transport, motorbikes need constant maintenance to ensure they are always in top condition. Obviously, the best thing to do is to take your […]