• 12 Apr
    Disco freno moto

    Motorcycling history has always been related to the search for innovation. At NG BRAKES we have been working for more than 25 years with the aim of creating top quality products, incorporating the latest technological knowledge and innovating in the design and manufacturing processes. Today we review the evolution of brake discs since their origins. […]

  • 19 Feb

    In just a few weeks the excitement returns to the houses of motor racing fans. The desire to watch the races again in front of the television or from the circuit is becoming more and more unbearable for a large number of two-wheeled lovers. We miss being able to enjoy spectacular starts, breathtaking overtaking moves […]

  • 28 Dec
    discos de freno

    Giving presents is exciting, but we must admit that finding the perfect gift can often be a nightmare. However, when there is a passion, such as motorcycling, involved, things become much easier. At NG BRAKES we share that passion for two wheels with you, which is why we bring you a selection of gifts that […]

  • 22 Dec
    Disco de freno

    A motorcyclist’s greatest treasure is his or her bike. They take care of it and pamper it down to the smallest detail, spending a large part of their savings on improving its performance and customising it. When it comes to improving performance, one of the components that can make the greatest difference is brake discs. […]

  • 16 Nov
    Ruta 66

    There are places in the world most people want to visit at least once in their lifetime. One of those is undoubtedly the United States, a country that garners attention for its history, cities and landscapes. And also for its roads, which are perfect for both motorbikes and cars. If you’re thinking of visiting the […]

  • 02 Nov
    Museo colección Moto Poggi

    When the average person thinks of a museum, paintings, sculptures, fossils and the remains of ancient cultures come to mind. But motorbike lovers know there are also real gems specifically for them, museums full of classic motorbikes, prototypes that still amaze today and relics from the world of racing. Here at NG BRAKES, we share […]

  • 09 Oct
    cambio disco freno moto

    In summer, motorcyclists are divided into two clear groups: those who take the opportunity to go on long routes and travel to unknown places, and those who prefer to park their bikes up until the heat subsides. When autumn arrives, the latter have an important task to carry out: service their bikes. At NG BRAKES […]

  • 21 Sep
    cambio disco de freno moto

    There are usually two reasons to replace the brake discs on your bike: either it’s done out of necessity, when they are too worn or there has been a problem; or they’re changed with the aim of improving the performance of the braking system of our motorbike. In both cases, many users consider the possibility […]