• 09 Oct
    cambio disco freno moto

    In summer, motorcyclists are divided into two clear groups: those who take the opportunity to go on long routes and travel to unknown places, and those who prefer to park their bikes up until the heat subsides. When autumn arrives, the latter have an important task to carry out: service their bikes. At NG BRAKES […]

  • 20 Jul
    calor extremo web

    Extreme temperatures are never a good companion for a road trip, especially if it’s on two wheels. The tyres suffer more, different components can overheat, the rider’s comfort is reduced… And yet, summer is one of the best times to travel by motorbike, especially as, for many of us, it coincides with the holiday period. […]

  • 24 May
    frenos moto ciudad

    When you think of impressive braking, your mind probably conjures up images of a racetrack. But in reality, brakes are just as important in top-level racing as they are in everyday life. This is especially true if we use a bike to get around town. Even if it’s an environment we know well, which we […]

  • 16 Aug

    You have it all planned out: the destination, the packed luggage, the travel plan and even a list of those sights you don’t want to miss. But do you really have what you need for your summer road trip, and are you sure you’ve prepared your bike properly? Just like when you travel by car, […]

  • 20 May
    kit básico de herramientas para moto

    The motorbike, as a means of transport, is an ideal partner that will take us wherever we want to go comfortably and as efficiently as possible. However, like any other means of transport, motorbikes need constant maintenance to ensure they are always in top condition. Obviously, the best thing to do is to take your […]

  • 10 May
    Recomendaciones para usar el casco correctamente

    The helmet is the main safety element that protects motorcyclists while riding, although it’s not the only one. The correct use of helmets is essential to prevent injuries and accidents. Today we are going to give you some of the basic recommendations that you should bear in mind to ensure its correct use. In addition […]

  • 12 Apr
    primavera en carretera

    With the arrival of spring, warmer temperatures and more pleasant weather, going out on your motorbike is once again becoming more appealing after a few months of cold, rain and darkness. Whether you’re looking forward to kitting up for a bike trip or you’ve already done so, let us give you some tips and advice […]

  • 25 Jan

    In Spain, more than 5 million people have already opted for a motorbike for their journeys, especially in large urban areas. Getting around the city on a motorbike offers many advantages compared to other larger vehicles, especially in cities with heavy traffic. In today’s article we are going to list some of the benefits of […]

  • 13 Jan
    Consejos para conducir una moto por primera vez

    More and more people are opting for mobility on two wheels, especially in urban areas. Whether it’s to improve your mobility or simply to enjoy the experience of riding a motorbike, you’ll need to consider these tips and recommendations for riding a motorbike for the first time as safe and smooth as possible. Be careful […]