Dec 2023
discos de freno

Giving presents is exciting, but we must admit that finding the perfect gift can often be a nightmare. However, when there is a passion, such as motorcycling, involved, things become much easier. At NG BRAKES we share that passion for two wheels with you, which is why we bring you a selection of gifts that are sure to hit the spot.

NG BRAKES brake discs

It is very common among motorcyclists to constantly look for components and spare parts to improve the performance of their machine, but often they can’t find the ideal moment to buy them. Therefore, an ideal gift would be some of these parts to improve the performance of your bike. For example, NG BRAKES brake discs, which will allow them to raise the level of their braking system. In order to easily find the perfect discs for the lucky rider’s motorcycle, you can use our online catalogue. Using it is very easy: just enter the brand, model, engine capacity and year of the bike and you will find the right ones.

Equipment for the rider

Safety always comes first. That is why one of the best and most useful gifts for motorcyclists is equipment. Helmets, jackets, trousers or gloves specifically designed for safe motorcycling. The best thing about giving this type of clothing as a gift is that there is a wide range of prices to suit all kinds of pockets, as well as different styles depending on the rider’s tastes.

An experience on two wheels

One of the most popular gifts are experiences. More and more of us are looking for unique and special moments for our loved ones instead of material objects. In the world of motorbikes, there is also a wide range of this type of gift, which can also be adapted to the discipline that the motorcyclist likes the most. Thus, we find options such as off-road driving courses, for the more adventurous, road safety classes, for those who prefer to use the motorbike on the road, and even track rides, for speed lovers.

A good book

Another classic Christmas gift is a book. In our blog you can find a post entirely dedicated to the best books for motorcyclists, but we feel generous and we want to add one more. This is ‘Sin fronteras’, by Gustavo Cuervo, a compilation of stories about the unusual journeys that the author has made around the five continents. In it, Gustavo Cuervo narrates the unexpected, dangerous and sometimes even funny adventures and situations that happened to him. All of this in a light and friendly tone that will hook you from the very first moment.

Grand Prix tickets

If you really want to surprise your favourite motorcyclist, you have to give him/her tickets to a Grand Prix. If we talk about MotoGP, throughout Spain you can find 4 different circuits, to which we can add the GP of Portugal. All of them with tickets that you can get from 50 €. But there are not only speed championships in Spain, but also world championships in other disciplines, such as MXGP, Motocross, which also has a date in our country in 2024. So there are options for all tastes and pockets.