Apr 2023
Escapadas primavera moto

Spring is always accompanied by an upturn in the weather. With that comes more plans and a greater desire to be outside. As the sun returns and the temperatures increase our best friend – the motorcycle – comes back into the picture. It’s the time to get back on the roads, to enjoying old haunts as well as discovering new places that have been just around the corner for a lifetime. Here you have four getaways to make the most of Spring on your bike.

The Jerte Valley – The most beautiful landscape

At this time of year, the cherry trees of the Jerte Valley are in bloom, lending the area a shade of pink, making it one of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain. Like all things that are worthwhile, it’s short-lived, which is why it’s important to plan the route well. Our advice would be to start in Plasencia, with a good breakfast, and head towards Puerto de Honduras. From there you’ll reach the valley. At that point you can return to the city via Piornal, Jaraíz de la Vera and the EX-203 road. It’s a unique opportunity to get to know a part of Spain that is not too well explored while you enjoy your passion for motorbikes.

Alicante – The beach, a mild climate and beauty

During the high season (basically the summer months) the province of Alicante (and, in general, the whole coast) fills up with tourists. The area doesn’t lose its charm. But it’s not as enjoyable as, for example, in Spring. If you have a free weekend, a wonderful plan is to explore the whole province on a motorbike. You can dedicate one day to the inland, which is full of beautiful villages and lots of nature, especially around the Sierra de Aitana. The next day, we recommend you opt for a route along the coast, to get to know the province well and be charmed by its contrasts. One important tip: don’t miss a good rice dish!

The Pyrenees – Pure nature

The Trans-Pyrenees route is one of the most popular among bikers, due to the beauty of the landscapes it passes through. Spring can be a good time to do it, once the extreme cold begins to disappear. But if you don’t have time to do the whole thing, you can choose to do just one or two stages. It’s no secret that any part of the Pyrenees is beautiful, spectacular and enjoyable. Our recommendation is: keep Jaca as your base of operations and explore the area from there.

Albacete – A great unknown

Sometimes, we have real wonders next to us which we unconsciously ignore. The Sierra de Alcaraz in Albacete is one of the more obvious examples. From NG BRAKES we recommend you to take advantage of a free Saturday and ride your motorbike on a route that will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the province: Riópar. Once there, park your bike and go to the source of the Mundo River, one of the most spectacular sights you’ll ever see. It includes waterfalls, rugged landscapes and an undiscovered paradise that can still be enjoyed without crowds.