Aug 2020

The motorcycle is becoming a very useful vehicle for all types of travel. Whether it is for leisure or labor mobility, new users are added to this type of vehicle every day. Consequently, not all of them have internalized the lessons that they possibly memorized in order to obtain the corresponding driving license, but without fully evaluating the scope of the regulations. We say this because many times we interpret these regulations to our benefit, to justify what cannot be done. One of the most important points is the transport of a child as a pillion on our motorcycle.

Regardless of our experience or driving ability, you have to do it with a lot of common sense. We are carrying a pillion who has neither the size nor the weight of most of our usual companions.

The main problem when we have to take a child on a motorcycle is that most of the routes are short: to take them to school, to other activities or simply to bring them home to friends or family. Therefore, the relaxation in terms of security measures and clothing is greater. It’s very different from the precautions we take if the trip is long distance in time and kilometers.

The first thing to look at is the helmet. In addition to being approved, it must also be of their size. Fit is fundamental. We must not reuse another even if it’s a little too big. In an accident, the helmet would fly in a matter of seconds, and we don’t want to know what would happen in a case like that.

Another important detail is the clothing. The problem is we usually don’t even care about our own clothing. Therefore, it’s difficult for our companion to do it, and more so if it’s a child.

In his day, we already wrote about the appropriate clothing for a motorcycle trip, and about advice and tips that pillion should follow, which are perfectly extensible for childs.

Regarding the legality, it’s indisputable they must be over 12 years old and exceptionally they can be over 7 years old if the driver is his father, mother or person authorized to take them. In addition to complying with all the requirements regarding the characteristics of the motorcycle or scooter and the corresponding permits, the rider must comply with current regulations regarding official documentation.

The child must always occupy the rear seat and must never be in the middle of two adults, nor can there be three occupants of the motorcycle. Of course, it’s not allowed to carry the child on the tank or standing in the space between the handlebars and the seat of a moped or scooter.

Driving is our responsibility and it must be more prudent, if possible, than when we go alone. Therefore, we must adjust our driving speed, maintain a safe distance and avoid unnecessary sudden movements.

Any precaution is little, and depending on the circumstances, it’s better to opt for another means of travel.

Do not forget the fragility of your passenger and act accordingly, this is our best advice.