Oct 2022

All your life you’ve been looking for your better half and it turns out… NG BRAKES was it! As you know, good brakes are a must to get the most out of your bike and enjoy it. And when we talk about good brakes, we’re not only referring to their performance and the quality of their materials; it’s also about their design and conception.

The Spanish brand manufactures specific brake discs for each model, covering all types of motorbikes and, of course, the different brands that make up the market. Therefore, in NG BRAKES every user and every bike can find their perfect match, which guarantees maximum performance and safety for their bike.

So, how can you find your ideal brake disc? We make it easy for you:

  1. Visit the official NG BRAKES website.
  2. In the top menu bar, place the cursor over ‘CATALOGUE’ and click on ‘ONLINE CATALOGUE’.
  3. Once there, you only have to fill in the different fields, starting with BRAND and continuing with CYLINDER, MODEL and YEAR. It’s not necessary to complete each field, but the more detailed the search, the more concrete the result will be.
  4. Click on the recommended model and check its characteristics to make sure that it’s compatible with your bike.

Once you’ve located the brake discs compatible with your bike, purchasing them is easy. The official distributor of NG BRAKES in UK is DIRECT DISTRIBUTION SERVICES, so you only have to visit https://www.directdistributionservices.co.uk/ and look for the model you want. To find out about NG BRAKES distributors in the rest of the world, click here.

No more excuses. Find the perfect match for your bike to get the most out of it to enjoy riding without limits.