Jan 2022

In Spain, more than 5 million people have already opted for a motorbike for their journeys, especially in large urban areas. Getting around the city on a motorbike offers many advantages compared to other larger vehicles, especially in cities with heavy traffic.

In today’s article we are going to list some of the benefits of using the motorbike for day-to-day journeys.

Shorter journeys

On average, a motorbike takes up three times less space than a car in traffic and five times less when parked. In addition, its small size allows it to squeeze through traffic and shorten journey times considerably. Studies show that you will spend between 50 and 70% less time getting around on a motorbike in your day-to-day life than if you were using another private motorised vehicle.

Reduce traffic jams

Forget about spending long hours stuck in traffic jams in big cities. Also, did you know that if we replaced 10% of the fleet of other motorised vehicles with motorbikes, traffic jams would decrease by 40%? This brings us to the next point, the less time vehicles spend on the road, the less time they are emitting polluting gases into the atmosphere. With a motorbike you will generate less pollution!

Less polluting emissions

The motorbike is a low-emission vehicle, so it promotes sustainable mobility in cities. It’s the perfect solution to the two major mobility problems facing large urban centres: traffic congestion and environmental pollution. 

More affordable

Choosing a motorbike for your commute not only helps the environment, but also your wallet. Two-wheeled vehicles consume less fuel compared to other motorised vehicles, making them not only more sustainable, but also more economical.