Apr 2019

Everything related to contribute to our safety is always welcome. Some years ago, the contribution of the CBS or combined braking system was a big step forward. Now, the double combination of CBS plus ABS is another step won in pro of the safety of motorbike riders.

Obviously, any system is infallible if some external factors are given that make a fall or a crash unavoidable: speeding, distractions, firm in bad conditions, other drivers and vehicles, etc. contribute to having a bad day, but if we exclude all these peripheric factors the CBS contributes to a better control of the braking.

The system is really simple to explain: the exercised pressure on the back-brake actions and divides the joint braking to the front disc. This way, it tries to balance the distribution when stopping the motorbike. A conventional system makes that if we only exercise on the back brake the distance until we stop is exponentially increased to the tyre blocking. If we only press the front one, which is the one stopping the motorbike, it could be too heavy or dangerous in some circumstances, for example, in a pedestrian crossing when turning a corner.

On a technical level, it’s very easy to solve, as it’s only combining the cable, so it exercises on the other disc to complement. If it’s better solved is on the hydraulic circuit level with the addition of another piston in the disc. Variable solved by the manufacturer according to the brand and the model.

If the chosen motorbike model also comes with the ABS system incorporated this double combination will give us extra control and safety when stopping our motorbike.

NG Brakes has on its catalogue a wide range of brake discs compatible with the brands and cylinder capacities including this CBS system and/or combined with ABS.